Startup Delayer – Make your PC boots faster

When each time you boot up your PC, Windows will also load the applications which has been set to start at startup. When there are more applications in the Startup list, your PC will become slower and slower to boot. Although you can remove the unwanted applications from the Startup list, your PC is still become slower and that is why we need this useful application.

ss startdelay

Startup Delayer is a free application that will speed up your Windows boot time. The way it works is really simple. It will stop applications from start when your Windows is starting up and will only release them after a time of period specified by you.

Here is for an example. If you have your mail program and a special clock starting up, then you can make your mail start say 10 seconds after Windows has loaded, and then the special clock start 20 seconds after Windows Starts.

Download Startup Delayer (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP)

Easy Way To Speed Up Windows’ Boot Time [via Brown Thoughts ]


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