Multiple IE – Install multiple versions of IE on a PC

Working as a freelancer in WordPress theme coding needs more browsers to check the theme alignment and the structure. Because each browser will display the website differently especially in IE6 and lower version.

The navigation bars are half hidden in IE6 but not in IE7

My computer has IE7 and I can’t get to have IE6 installed because only one version is allowed in a PC. But there is a solution if you want to have multiple IEs on your computer. We called it as Multiple IE.

Multiple IE is the software that I was looking for because I really need to have two IEs in my PC. One is IE7 and the other one is IE6. Although IE7 is the latest version but there are still many peoples who are using IE6. This is based from my Google Analytics statistics.


Multiple IE is not just installing IE6 to your PC, but it allows you to install IE3, IE4.01, IE5, and even IE5.5. You can choose which IE version that you want to install. If you want to have multiple IE version in your PC, this software is for you.

Download Multiple IE (10.3Mb)


  1. Very nice. Now go find a tool so I can run multi versions of Firefox on Windows. 😀