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How do you pronounce Ubuntu?

Another article about Ubuntu. 😀 I am planning to make another website that will discuss about Ubuntu. Currently I am running a poll at my personal blog for the language that will be used for the website. Whether to use English or Malay. Hope you can drop by to this entry and cast your vote, […]

7 reasons why you should use Ubuntu?

I have been using Ubuntu for 4 days now. It makes me addicted to it. Almost of the time I am running Ubuntu on my PC. It likes Ubuntu is my default OS now. Hahaha. But, have you ever try Ubuntu yet? Ubuntu is free though. You can download the latest version or you can […]

Gmail Hacked! Check your Gmail filters now!

David Airey has lost his domain after his Gmail account was hacked by a hacker. But how did the criminal can take down David’s domain? You can read the full story here but if you want to know how the attacker did it, please read on. Click image to enlarge First, the victim login to […]

Link Muncher Directory – Another free web directory

Have you submitted your links to my web directory yet? I really recommend you to submit them now because the offer will expire very soon. But if you want to get more backlinks, I have found another new web directory that gives free submission. You can submit as many links you want as long as […]

Kaspersky Antivirus Settings Tips

Every computer needs an antivirus. Antivirus will protect your PC from viruses, trojans, worms and any harmful scripts that can destroy your computer. To protect my computer from this disaster, I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security. So far, my Kaspersky doing its jobs very well. It protects my PC since the computer boots up until I […]

How to dual boot Ubuntu and WinXP using two hard drives?

I really want to use Ubuntu. When new version is out, I will request free CDs from Ubuntu Shipit and will receive the CDs after two weeks from the request date. But yesterday, after struggling to install new hard drive into my PC, then I was successfully install Ubuntu and make it dual boot with […]

How to secure your WordPress blog?

My website was once hacked by a hacker from Saudi Arabia. He managed to get into the server and replaced the index.php file with his own index file. I don’t know how he can get into my server but I have learnt many things from that bad experience. Always upgrade your WordPress to the latest […]

.com or .net?

Ok, here is the deal. Which one you will choose for your domain name if you want to buy one? .com or .net? Personally, I will choose .com if the domain will be used for a commercial or official-like website. For an example, like my Tentang Cinta (or About Love in English translation) website. This […]

What’s Common to Ubuntu and CircuitCity’s Firedog?

Can you answer that question? What’s Common to Ubuntu and CircuitCity’s Firedog? The answer is…

Happy 2nd Birthday CypherHackz.Net

Happy Birthday, CypherHackz.Net! Yeah, today is the 2nd year we celebrating CypherHackz.Net’s birthday. I don’t know why but I feel like CypherHackz.Net is like a person. Like a real person. I need to take care him, feed him and make sure that he is healthy and strong. But it does not mean that I am gay […]