CypherHackz.Net has new home

Do you feel any difference on my site? Can you feel how fast it loads up? It is not because the WP-Cache plugin that I mentioned in this post . It is all because CypherHackz.Net is now hosted in new server, in new datacenter.

Before this, CypherHackz.Net and my other websites were hosted by Internet-Webhosting (read this post ). But recently the server is having problem and always down. So I decided to find other hosting provider which gives me better services and the server must always up.


Fortunately, Sam Lee the owner of ServerFreak, a Malaysia Web Hosting provider found out about my problem in a post that I made in Webmaster Malaysia forum. He is very kind and offered me to sponsor my websites. Who don’t want to get sponsored right? But before I took his offer, I did some information gathering and I satisfied with the results. Then I accepted the offer and now CypherHackz.Net is hosted in a server at Global Net Access (GNAX) datacenter. If you do whois, you will see the DNS has changed to and the datacenter is at Global Net Access (GNAX).

So far, I am very happy with ServerFreak. Sam always be there to help me. He always online in YM so it makes me easier to contact him if I have problems or difficulties with the hosting. The connection is much much faster than before. I can upload and download my files from the server without any problem. Everything run smooth. The server status does not show red or yellow light. All are greens.

So, if you are looking for new hosting, I recommend you to choose this Malaysia Web Hosting provider. 🙂


  1. All my blogs are hosted with ServerFreak as well. I opted for the US server and so far, everything is good.

  2. My blog is hosted with them too…they are good, thumbs up, 🙂

  3. I think if you are webmaster have a large of network this server is not recommended.. Domain allowed is very few.. Storage & bandwidth not sure is enough.. Just my 8 cent..

  4. TentOfMarh – Yeah, I know about you from Sam. 🙂

    Wing Loon – Sam always online. He makes us easier to contact hom just incase we got a problem.

    overclock – I got sponsored by him. He told me that I can request more add-on domain if I want. 😉

  5. many improvement happen to yr site since the first time u post in somewhere bout choosing a domain name and end up with ..lolz..moga makin maju.

  6. hu3. yeah bro. btw long time no see you. i just subscribed your site feed to get latest update from yours. keep posting ok.

  7. Boss reply to you directly. So good.

  8. can u show step by step how to move blog to new server? tq

  9. Planet Malaysia – Yeah. That whats we want. 😉

    fsven – This is done via cpanel. I do remote backup and the backup file was sent to new server. From there, Sam do all the things. He restored my backup files and then, I can start using my websites as usuall.

  10. Where you not on servage hosting too and you still using it. I was lucky enough to save all the files on it as liquidnyquiz was out of cash. Just renewed the account 5 days before close down. Looks like you have 2 hosting at your disposable :).. Your files are safe.. Peace !

  11. congrats!! yeah this site load much faster now.. 🙂

  12. patutla laju semacam je..:D

  13. ho3…semakin rmai website yg host dkat serverfreak…

    just hrp diorg allow more domains in d future…

  14. iFro_og – You were hosted at liquidnyquiz?

    vangardx – Hu3. Yeah. It is more faster than before.

    Izzatz – Yeah, I heard many peoples complaint about it. Maybe next year ServerFreak will increase allowed add-on domains.

  15. Yes, am hosted under servage, I own the account at the moment. Are you still using your ftp access ? Any Changes, pls email me..

  16. Btw are you Liquidnyquiz?

  17. Nope, liquidnyquiz could not pay for the renewal, and the account was to be deleted in 5 days, once deleted all files residing in it are lost, which freaked me out. I then had to renew it. Thus Saving all files hosted. So, For any changes pls notify me from here on.

  18. iFro_og, please check your inbox. I have sent to you something. :d