Baby says Not Funny!

Before you click the Play button, promise me that you will not laugh because the baby says it is not funny. So give him some respect. Don’t laugh ok? Blooded…

I really can’t take this. I laughing so loud at the last part, when he shouts saying that it is not funny. =)).

Oh.. this is funny [via The Living Earendur]


  1. Hey bro, can you please? I said not FUNNYYYY!!! Hehehe…  Still laughing while watching this on your blog.

  2. LOL!

    So is he really saying blood? or brother? Kinda interesting to see him say "Not Funny" and at the same time he has this confused look … except at the end, of course …. when he shouted 😛

  3. Andy – Lol… I took this video from your site but you still can't stop laughing hah? :p

    jjjme – Kind of. He3. But I think he says Blooded. :))