CypherHackz.Net new packages

Because Google penalised website that do link selling, I decided to remove all paid links from my website. So for the alternative if you wish to advertise on my site, there are two types of package available, 125×125 banner and 468×60 banner.

125×125 banner

I will only accept 5 banners per month. This is to reduce the bandwidth usage and the spaces used on the sidebar. And I know advertisers won’t like if their banner is placed with many other banners in one place.

For each banner, it will cost you 20USD per month. Each banner will be placed under the Sponsors spot at the sidebar. I can’t guarantee that it will increase your PR but you will get traffics from my site. My site traffics is almost 1000 per day and sometimes it can reaches up to 1400+ visits.

468×60 banner

The banner will be placed at the header. I will replace the adsense code with the banner if there is an advertiser. The price is USD30 per month. The spot is really will attract my readers to visit your website if you choose this package.

All payments are made in Paypal. If you are Malaysian and don’t have Paypal account, you can do online bankin or cash deposit. For more info, you can contact me via email or through the comment form below.


  1. dah siap ko ponya banner ads cypher….aku pon ingat nak letak balik ads aku kat site.

  2. Ha3. Biasa la brader. Nape? Berminat nak advertise? :p

  3. Woot! i think aku pon nak buat jugak..nak test tgk

  4. lols…ko jual ker org lain cypher, aku xder duit lg sbb blom maju

  5. Weh..Apsal teruk sgt blog hang kene ngan google..Aku tgk orang lain yang terang2 jual link pun tak seteruk blog hang kene..giler google..Boleh sakit jantung woo..

  6. Mana la aku nak tahu. Dah Google tembak website aku bagi jadi kosong, nak buat macam mana. Hu3.