CypherHackz.Com – The best technology resources?


Funny! That is the first word coming out from my mouth when I read the title. How come that website can be the best technology resources and information? Are you kidding me?

CypherHackz.Com is not my website and the person who bought the domain might think that he can use the domain to get my visitors to his website. Visitors might wrongly entered my website URL instead of This will bring them to the website which has nothing except links to other technology site.

But why “The Best technology Resources and Information”? I don’t think that the word “CypherHackz” can lead that person to use it for a technology website. Why not CypherHackz.Com is use for a personal blog? Or website design? I am the first one who choose CypherHackz as my domain name and as my nickname for online uses. Maybe he thinks that CypherHackz.Net is a technology website so he chooses CypherHackz.Com as technology website too. Owh, man…

Anyway, it is really interesting to see someone else want to use “CypherHackz” for their domain name.

Edit: Another website that use CypherHackz for their domain name is It seems like an Iranian registered the domain because the title says “CypherHackz.Info – The Best Iran Resources and Information”. Duh…


  1. .com-the best technology resource
    .info-The Best Iran Resources

  2. woot! that domain only got 31 visitor per month in average.

  3. Ha3. I don't know. Maybe you can suggest one. :p

  4. Fahmishah – Which domain?

  5. is a MFA site… cheap and dirty site.

  6. hu3..sepatutnya ko beli kesemua skali domain tuh..sedap disebut kot pekataan cypherhackz nih… :p

  7. that is normal actually. even struggles to get his domain.