Celcom Broadband for only RM68

Edit: Celcom Broadband 3.6Mbps package is now RM98 monthly. Really cheap, isn’t it?


I just subscribed Celcom broadband last week and that is why you can see that my site has regain it’s health. Because my hostel does not get wireless coverage so I decided to subscribe Celcom broadband so I can get connected to the Internet anywhere I want as long as the area got the network coverage.

Celcom broadband uses 3G network to connect to the Internet. If the area does not have 3G network, don’t worry, you are still be able to connect to the Internet but the speed is slower than you are in the 3G area.

If you subscribe the RM68 package, you will get limited speed which is 384kbps only. But if you have more money to spend for each month, you can subscribe the RM120 package and you will get up to 3.6Mbps speed. But take note, you only will get the speed if you are in the HSDPA area. I’m not sure which area got the HSDPA network because Celcom does not put the covered map on their website. So I don’t have any clue whether my place is in the HSDPA area.


HSDPA is stands for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access which is it is a new protocol in mobile telecommunication. In simple word, we can call it as 3.5G. I don’t subscribe the RM120 package because it is expensive and I don’t think that I can afford it because I am still a student though. To pay RM120 just to use Internet is not reasonable. It is better if I use thr RM120 to eat KFC or go watching movies. :p

But there is another reason why I didn’t subscribe the RM120 package. If I subscribe the RM120 package and I live outside from the HSDPA area, it will be useless because I will only get around 700kbps. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Just want to let you know, Celcom broadband packages does not come with device/modem. If you subscribe Maxis broadband, you will get free modem even though you subscribe their RM68 package. But I heard many complaints from their customers saying that their service is not good and so do their customer support.

You can buy the device from Celcom but is expensive. I thought the modem is around RM200-RM400 but I was wrong. You can get a datacard with only RM399 but the datacard is only can be used on laptop. Unfortunately, I’m using desktop so I need to buy the USB modem which I need to pay about RM1100. RM1100 is not easy to get for a student. But thanks to my ex-boss, En Mizan the manager of Mercumaya, a web hosting provider company because he agreed to sell me the USB modem to me with installment and with cheaper price. :d


The USB modem can support up to 3.6Mbps but because I subscribe the RM68 package, so I only can get 384kbps, maximum speed. But sometimes the speed is even slower compare with dial-up. Sometimes I get around 50kbps to 80kbps which is a little bit faster than dial-up but I paid RM68 monthly so I must get the top speed as possible. I hope Celcom can improve their services so all Malaysian will use their services.


If you don’t know which package that you want to subscribe, it is better to consult with their customer service. But if you want to go for Maxis, think twice. 😉 Because I still recommended you to choose Celcom broadband.

ps: If you have 3G handphone, you can use it as modem and connect it to your PC. From that, you can surf the Internet but the speed is slower, around 170kbps.


  1. Actually you can check every network coverage on the google…

  2. ade jual broadband celcom tanpa internet??


    bagaimana nak menamatkan perkhidmatan celcom broadband, adakah saya perlu pergi ke cawangan yang terdekat atau dengan menelefon sahaja.

    Sekian terima kasih