Archives for November 2007

Group Chat in Gmail

If you love to chat in group like in Yahoo! Messenger Conference, maybe you also like to use Group Chat in Gmail. Group Chat is new feature enabled in Gmail which you can chat with your buddies online. You can invite all your friends in Group Chat because the numbers of person can join the […]

Vista Transformation Pack 8 released

Get the latest Vista Transformation pack now. Version 8.0 is released and ready for download. What is Vista Transformation Pack? Do you know what is Windows Vista? Yes, the operating system that released by Microsoft which has nice GUI and also needs super duper computer resources to operate. This Vista Transformation Pack will transform your […]

How to clean your CRT/LCD monitor?

To clean your CRT monitor or LCD screen is not like cleaning your face mirror. Monitor and LCD is an electronic product so you must clean the screen with care, or you will scratch it and harm it. Before you can start doing your job, you need to get the correct tools first. Here is […]

Test your Firefox 3 from Malware

They said Firefox 3 can prevents you from malware but there is no proof. That is why Mozilla gives you a test page to proof their words. Caution! The page you will see is containing malware. Your browser will open it if it does not has malware protection enabled. Only Firefox 3 will prevent you […]

Celcom Website Down

Today when I went to Celcom website, I was surprised when I got an error message from them. It says, Status : 504 Gateway Time-Out Description : Lost connection to origin server. And here is another message when I refresh the website.

CypherHackz.Net has new home

Do you feel any difference on my site? Can you feel how fast it loads up? It is not because the WP-Cache plugin that I mentioned in this post . It is all because CypherHackz.Net is now hosted in new server, in new datacenter. Before this, CypherHackz.Net and my other websites were hosted by Internet-Webhosting […]

How to rotate ads or affiliate banners?

If you have many ads or affiliate banners and you want to rotate them on your website, here is the way on how to do it. But make sure your server supports PHP because we are using PHP script here. First, you need to create a blank PHP file and name it as rotateads.php. Then […]

Need Web 2.0 Logo fonts?

So you want to create your own Web 2.0 logo but don’t have the fonts? Worry no more. You can download the fonts from here but not all fonts are included. But atleast you have something to start with. Web 2.0 Logo Fonts [via BlogIsEverything]

Watch Penang Bridge in Live Camera

If you want to go to Penang and not so sure whether the traffic flow is smooth or jam, maybe you might need to check the status at Penang Bridge Camera. The 24-hour CCTV cameras are installed at 8 different locations along the laybys and main span. All these CCTV cameras are connected to the […]

Speedtest – Test your broadband speed

Even though you subscribe the 384kbps or 3.6Mbps Celcom 3G broadband package, it does not guarantee that you will get the maximum speed. Speedtest is a website that allows you to check your broadband speed. When you visit Speedtest website, it will locate your location based on your IP address. Then it will display servers […]