Is PR and Alexa rank important?

After my site was removed from Google SERP (only index page effected), everything has changed. The recent Google PR update gives me PR0. I heard that many of other bloggers facing the same problem because they sell link ads on their website. Google has changed their PR algorithm and the changes have effect many blog sand websites who do the link selling. It is kind of a penalty for those who use the advantages of their high PR.

PR drop will affect my website revenue. Link selling is my second incomes after Adsense. But because Google has dropped my PR, so my earning will decrease too. That’s mean, I need to find other way to increase back my earnings. But the question is how?

Not only PR, my Alexa ranking also dropped. Before this, my site was around 50K but now it is 90K. Maybe because I removed the Alexa ranking code from my new theme but does Alexa rank is important for your site? If your main money income is from Text Link Ads, for sure it is important. Because Text Link Ads use many criteria to set the prices for each links sold on your website. Some of it is, Alexa rank.

After thinking awhile, relax and sit back, drinking some water and eat “kuih raya”, I do think that PR and Alexa is not important anymore. They are important if you want to do the link selling but because Google has using their new algorithm for PR, we as publishers cannot use our high PR to get profit from it.

So, what should you do? Just focus on your blog content and get many traffics and popularity as you can. Good luck!


  1. i agreed with you.
    PR now is not important since Google change their algorithm.this is unhappy news for money maker

  2. tp aku ada terbaca PR digunakan oleh A-list blogger & mainstream blogger unt tunjuk authoriti blog depa…cam mn plak tuh cyper…

    aper pon yang paling penting blog content.

  3. i don’t care about PR anymore, im seeking for SERP right now. Moreover, as long as your site been hits by more visitor for sure you can monetize your blog successfully.

  4. PR not so important..the most important is traffic-my PR is 2..but traffics stil low compare to other PR0 sites..i am still learning to write good content.hehe.thats why low traffics.tapi bolehla

  5. dott-com – Aku tak pasti yang terbaru ni macam mana. Tapi ramai yang dah kurang menjual link. Trend terbaru, dorang jual traffics dengan meletakkan banner dalam size 120×120 di sidebar. Aku pun nak menjual jugak dalam minggu depan. :p

    phyzhoe – It takes time for your website to be popular and get many traffics per day. My website took about 1 year before it can reaches 1000 visitors per day.

  6. huhuhu…..tuh ler aku nengok si johncow pon jual menda banner cam tuh..

  7. laman web saya pun PR0 dah, lagi adsense kat frontpage tak keluar langsung cam bot adsense tak mai melawat, dah seminggu saya lihat dalam blog-blog yang lain isunya adalah text link kat homepage tu, yang besar-besar nyer laman web pun drop PR

  8. Yea..content is much more just not about content but also the quality…

  9. Amir – Jadi apa yang awak lakukan pada website awak? Buang semua ke sponsored link kat website awak tu?

    dx-xel –  Yeah. The content is the most important than the others. 🙂

  10. sy buang semua link, tapi ianya sebenarnya tidak mengubah apa-apa, memang google ada downkan pagerank, even youtube pun kena pagerank 3 sebelum dibetulkan balik. isu mengenai text link ini ada disebut oleh Matt Cutt dekat blog dia, cuba check

    Nie satu mengenai pagerank drop

  11. you can get pagerank victim badge here :

  12. it s bad to see u r hard work go down the drain .
    same thing happened with me when mine <a href="">bollywood film links</a>blog was banned by google , had to switch to widget bucks

  13. amir – Thanks! 🙂

    lalit nagrath – There is nothing I can do. Need to find other way to get incomes.

  14. I do write a lot sponsored post, so far did not realize any thing, and my PR increase from 1 to 3

    may be is new if compare to you… and seen like alot new blog which  4 to 6 month all increase… and high PR one all decrease…

    I have another URL, no much traffic, some time no traffic at all, and did not build back link also get PR0 to PR2

    I also dono how google rank it???

  15. Me either. Really can't understand how exactly Google works. Hurm…

  16. interesting post really
    thank you

  17. If you depend on link or site selling as a form of monetization you will definitely want to increase your Alexa rank, because it will increase your bargaining power when it comes to ad pricing.