Water can burn! Is it true?

I’m not sure whether this video is true or not because it was done without showing who is the demonstrator. Meaning, it might be a fake demonstration. Peoples can create any video as they like as long as it looks real to people who watch it.

The video that you will see here is about a demonstration to make a water burn. The trick is done by using two batteries and sink them in a cup of water for 30 minutes. Then take out the batteries and light the water with fire. And the water is really burn!

After I watched the video, my assumption is, the batteries react with the water and release chemical reaction and produce ions. These ions is flamable and thats why the water is burning when lit up with fire. But, can we drink the water? I guess not.


  1. yea you’re right..battery consist of zinc oxide i think..mixed up with water produce oxygen..correct me if i wrong

  2. I guess so. Fire exist when there is enough oxygen.

  3. waaahh, great. surely after this i will try to test it. but can we use the other batteries ? panasonic… +_+

  4. Ha3. I think you can use other batteries. There is no specific batteries to do this trick.

  5. Hurm..intresting…any body with exp with this experiment can tell us more….

  6. wow! this will be great if i do it myself..

  7. [geek]

    Electrolysis: 2H20-> 2H2 + O2

    H2 & O2 dissolve in water, + heat = fire

    Fire = fuel + oxygen + heat
    in this case, fuel = hydrogen

    1)there’s no such thing as flammable ion
    2)oxygen helps combustion but it can’t be burned


  8. i got this video from metacafe 2 weeks ago n until now im still not trying to demostrate that trick. so i dunno either it is real or not.

  9. lol this trick is not some magic

    Its a simple science logic

    Manganese Dioxide + Zinc Oxide solution gets dissolved in the water and upon lightning it burns 🙂

  10. One last question, can we drink the water? Just want to make sure. Lol…

  11. great blog