CypherHackz.Net is gone from Google

Hi guys… Sorry because there is no update for more than a month. It is not because I want to stop blogging but it is because I don’t have internet connection at my hostel. Besides, I have many other things that I need to do especially for my Final Year Project. So I only can online from my university IT center like once per week just to check my email.

Because I can’t get online frequently, I didn’t notice that CypherHackz.Net has been removed from Google. Thanks to baloot for his comment on 14th August 2007. After read his comment, I do PR testing and I was shocked because my PR is not 5 or 0, but it is Not Available. And of course, I will losing money because of this thing.

I don’t know why it happens. I don’t know why Google remove my site from their databases. At least they give me a notice so I know what I did wrong. Is it because I’m not updating my site for a long time and see that my site is not active and remove it? I don’t know.

To those guys who are expert in this situation, can you please help me? What should I do to get back into Google? Or to whom I should contact? Thank you very much. 🙁


  1. Huh ? what happen..? You got highly traffic site but still be removed by Google..:(

  2. tak tau ler pasal nie. maybe ada org lain bleh tolong.
    anyway..sabar lar ek. Insya-Allah….pasnie naik balik. 🙂

  3. hmmmm actually…blog is like our life….anytime we can be on the top and anytime we be on the bottom.

  4. I guess that’s called google dance.. Heard some DP members ranting about the same thing lately 😕 If my memory served me well the same thing happened back in January, but it was brief, a day or two..nobody noticed except me who keep peeking on every other blogs..huhu

  5. I still keep my PR5 in my old blogspot blog but now having to move on to a PR0 self hosted blog.

    Maybe you should try resubmitting your site to Google and wait for their next PR update then…

  6. It wont be long (hopefully), PR should be back up again real soon..fingers crossed ^:)^

  7. I have heard these type of things happening during the PR update and gets fixed in a day or two . Hope you get back ur PR soon .

  8. Hi, i hope that you read this message…

    I suggest that you reads this post that explains how to leave ban of google…

    in portuguese

  9. Its just backlinks removed (or not listed) by google, this site still exist in the google

    According to a source “link:” operator just returning the home page URL only.

  10. hahahahha…. kesian ko eh
    ape projek psm ko??? 😕

    @CyBer$|x google don’t know our traffic,if ur blog/web got no update for long period, google assume that ur site is dead.

  11. no wonder you don’t post that often now. no connection. i see i see.

  12. I experienced the same thing too. It is blogspot blog which has PR3. I didn’t update it for about 1 month as well. When I check few days ago, it has lost it PR. Sad 🙁

  13. Phew – glad to know you’re still in the scene!

  14. helo..

    this is just my 2cent..

    i think its because u had make a link exchange to blog/web that is ‘linkfarm’… 😕

  15. Yeah, what a waste on the PR6 down to PR0.

    I think we need at least post 1-2 times a month even we are very very busy.

  16. Cool… got PR5. My site still got nothing ko… :”>

  17. but it is PR0 rite now. 🙁

  18. grgeous

  19. too interesting post