Talking Trojan says ‘Bye Bye’

BotVoice.A was first found by Panda Lab is the first trojan that can talk. It talk by using the built-in speech function in Windows. The trojan will repeatedly saying this message:

You have been infected I repeat You have been infected and your system files has been deleted. Sorry. Have a Nice Day and bye bye…

Download to hear the voice.

This trojan cannot spread from computer to computer by itself but it spreads via email with attached files, usb drive, P2P sharing networks, etc. Once your computer get infected, it will not allow you to use files with these extension, BAT, COM, EXE and MP3 files. And it also disables Task Manager and the Windows Registry Editor.

Currently the threat level is medium. So better you update your antivirus definition now.


  1. haha best gak tu.., gle creative sape yg buat trojan tu.., :d

  2. hahahahhahah kalo takleh delete confirm sakit hati

    ni ada satu virus yang logoffkan user bila kita nak delete.. bila nak login balik dia auto loggofkan :-w

  3. I will update mine right now .

  4. fauzi.. most popular in july tu pakai plugin ape ye?

  5. nice info..

  6. huhuhu…virus dah bleh bercakap… 😛

  7. nice info