10 Reasons to Uninstall Safari from your Windows

Over a million Windows users have downloaded Safari (more about Safari), but here are ten reasons why you should remove or do not install it to your lovely Windows system.

  1. Security
    Although flaws has been found in Safari browser, Apple only fix major security issues. Besides, there is no built-in anti-spywares and anti-phishing.
  2. Compatibility
    Some websites do not support Safari Windows browser. In Mac, the Safari works good. No problem found at all. But in Windows, you will get this message from Yahoo, “Hmm…your browser is not officially supported.”. Interesting huh?
  3. Memory eater
    I thought only Firefox likes to eat our computer resources. But there is another browser who has big appetite of memory eating.
  4. Mac program behaviour
    Safari for Windows is not for Windows but more for Mac. The way it resizes is not like normal Windows program do.
  5. No Sidebar
    Try to be different but it is totally different. Safari has no sidebar like other web browsers. Like in Opera, the sidebar is use to get quick access to our Bookmarks, Notes, Transfers, History, etc.
  6. No Plugins
    You will only get Safari. Nothing you can do to enhance the usability. Although they claimed that they offer plugins, but only basic plugins like Flash, Java, Media Player. Heh!
  7. Dull interface
    No extra skins supported. You only get the dull grey interface. Owh…poor you…
  8. Tabs poorly done
    No extra features for tabs. No options to reopen the same tabs you had open last time you ran the browser.
  9. Big size
    Although there are not many features in Safari, but the installation file size is 7.97Mb (without QuickTime). More bigger than Firefox, Opera and IE7.
  10. No tool tips
    Even you hover the cursor to an icon for a long time period, no tool tips will pop-up to give the explanation. You must find out by your own what each icon does. Cool eh?

And here is the best thing that I want to show you. Here is how the content looks like in my Safari.

Alien writing eh?

Owh…so sweet… Like an alien hand writing.

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  2. firefox and k-meleon are my favourite browsers.. :)>-:)>-

  3. I hope these are fixed in the final release .

  4. ha3. i still prefer using opera than ie7, firefox and safari.

  5. For Speed and Memory in windows? Opera is good, for compability and extension? Firefox is better, for testing design. IE6 and IE7 is must have 😉

  6. Maxthon da best!! 😀
    huhuhu…. ntah nape aku dilahirkan untuk jadi anti firefurk! ngee……. ;))

    and kesemua 10 perkara yang ko tulis tu, aku setuju yg amat la sangat…. mmg x sampai sejam aku install aritu, terus buang balik..

    tinggal la maxthon ngan opera je dalam pc ni… tapi still maxthon gak the best!! nape ek?

    psstt: cypher, u ade guna ape2 plugin ke ntuk buat link me under setiap post tu? leh share tak?

  7. safari is nice, but i prefer firefox more. however, i dont know why all internet browser nowaday suck so many of my memory. 1 single browser can go until 120mb. darn!

  8. you use opera too? man, I switched from Firefox to Opera due to slow internet connection speed, and indeed it gives me good speed than other browsers that I’ve tried..( you know, the internet service from monopoly company)..

  9. Safari-Surfer says:

    1. Apple fix all known security issues. For the rest: Don‘t trust these “security“ features, use your brain!

    2. It‘s not a Safari problem, it‘s a problem of bad an non web standard conform web design. Safari uses the advanced open source rendering engine on the market, WebKit. It‘s well versed in more CSS 3 features than any other browser.

    3. Hu? Not true…

    4. It‘s not true, too.

    5. Safaris bookmark management ist different, and better than a space wastin side bar (in every open window…).

    6. Safari is a slick racing machine, there is no need for plug-ins. (Do you want a cup holder in a Formula One car?)

    7. What do you want, surfing the web or looking at you browser frame? Safaris GUI is reduced for a better web experience.

    8. Wrong, you can easily drag tabs out of the tab bar to convert it into windows and vice versa.

    9. There *are* many unique features in Safari: Multilingual Spell checking, resizable formular feelds, rss reader, spnap back, private surfing, develo menu, very nice looking site search, auto-click bookmark-folders etc.

    10. Did you ever installed Safari? There are tool-tips…