Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day

Malaysia will celebrate it’s 50th Independence Day on this upcoming 31st August 2007. To show some respects and proud to be a Malaysian, I have make a custom logo for CypherHackz.Net.

Let's celebrate Malaysia's 50th Independence Day

I came out with this idea after I saw some interesting logos at Google doodles page. They have make many custom logo’s for important days like World Cup, Google’s Birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. Or maybe I will end up by making my own museum for CypherHackz.Net doodles too. :p


  1. Hey, Happy Independence Day, Fauzi !! I’m an Indian. I know how independence feels. And, great logo. 🙂

  2. Yer…harap semer m’sian leh tunjukkan smngt cintakan negara..
    Letak badge/logo kat laman masing2…

    Aku dah letak kt blog aku..”Proud to be Malaysian”

  3. nicely done

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    yeah. it is really great feeling. :d

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    cool… i think we need to release our own badge to malaysian bloggers.

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    ha3. thanks man. :d

  5. yeah…good idea..we should release our own badge to malaysian bloggers:d/

  6. why dont you create one? you are good in design right? :d

  7. Me ? I’m not that good…but i can try…hehhee:d

  8. ha3. good. maybe we can do a small project for malaysian bloggers. :)>-

  9. i don;t have any badge…can you make one for me?

  10. wait ha. cybersix will do the design for us.
    cybersix, i guess you need to start the design now. :p

  11. hahaha..dont put pressure on me..hehe..any idea how to design it?

  12. How about this one? 😉