My first earning from FeedBurner Network

After joining FeedBurner Network months ago, I have make some money from the Ad Revenue Share. At first, my website was only has low feed subscribers. But after I did some advertising at some popular websites (some of you may noticed it :p ) the feed subscriber number has increased.


And today, I got a notification email from Paypal says that I have earned some USD from FeedBurner Ad Revenue Share Payment for Apr-07.

The money was earned from the Malaysian Technology Blog Network which is moderate by me. If you want to join our FeedBurner technology network and want to make some money from our network, you can contact me and give your website details. But make sure that your website is focus about technology related stuffs and the most important is, you are Malaysian. [tags]feedburner, feedburner ad network[/tags]


  1. Congrats dude. I’m also into the Feedburner Ad Network

  2. good job from me..hahaha well bila nak belanja sate?

  3. congrats! cool la, now i only know you can make money with feedburner.

  4. GA (google adsense), I see it easier, but earn a little money,
    what is the best AD service site do you know ?