CypherHackz Review Me Contest Winners

As I promised, I will announce the 5 winners for CypherHackz Review Me contest today. And I already run the script and have selected the winners randomly. So here is the 5 winners.

  1. Dott-Com
  2. Fahmishah
  3. Neutronics
  4. ChemstudioWeb
  5. Izwan

The winners will get free advertising at CypherHackz.Net sitewide header for two months. With almost a thousand unique visits per day and with a stable PR5, it sure will improve their websites traffics and pagerank.

I will contact the winners via email and I already placed the links at the header starts from now until 31st August 2007. Congratulations! 😀


  1. did you see my name?Alhamdulillah.i win!~

  2. :d/ wow…..I win….hahaha…TQ cypherhackz….

  3. Asalamualaikum Warahmatullah

    Hi everyone.

    Thank you for organizing such a great contest. For those who did a review but didn’t win, don’t feel sad or sorry for yourself. They are many more reviews that you can try, if you are lucky or own some worm that can remotely control the random script, then you might get lucky. 😛

    Good day everyone. Cheers!

    p/s I guess that’s why I am feeling such happy today at school. heh. :”>

  4. :d/ mekasih

  5. WTF!!! Sorry, I mean THANKS GOD! Guess what! This is the very first time that I feel lucky on the internet planet! Please tell me I’m not dreaming! The post was written before I departing to Bicheno, Tasmania. A far far away from my laptop that I can’t keep in touch with my readers though.
    Mate, don’t turn my lucky ticket away to other if you can’t contact me within 3-4 days ya! I’ll be back!! Wait for me!

  6. lol… only the winners give their comment here. anyway, congrats to you guys. :p