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Create your own Windows XP Control Panel

If you like to have a simple and quick access to Control Panel tools, you can create them by your own. This trick is only to create a special folder that we cakk “My Control Panel” for the favourite items.

15 Great, Free Security Programs

Turn your PC on, and you’re immediately vulnerable to malicious attacks. But you can use these free applications to minimize the dangers and protect yourself. Preventing and Eliminating Malware ZoneAlarm Comodo Firewall Pro Avast AVG Anti-Rootkit Spyware Blaster

Talking Trojan says ‘Bye Bye’

BotVoice.A was first found by Panda Lab is the first trojan that can talk. It talk by using the built-in speech function in Windows. The trojan will repeatedly saying this message: You have been infected I repeat You have been infected and your system files has been deleted. Sorry. Have a Nice Day and bye […]

10 Reasons to Uninstall Safari from your Windows

Over a million Windows users have downloaded Safari (more about Safari), but here are ten reasons why you should remove or do not install it to your lovely Windows system. Security Although flaws has been found in Safari browser, Apple only fix major security issues. Besides, there is no built-in anti-spywares and anti-phishing. Compatibility Some […]

Post2Blog 3 – Free Desktop Blogging Client

BlogDesk (read my review) is my primary desktop blogging client that I use to write articles for my websites. Besides it has simple interface, has many features, it is also free. But there is another desktop blogging client which is free and I think I must try it out. Post2Blog is previously a shareware (that […]

Let’s Flip the Text

By using Flip Text Generator (a javascript tool), you can invert your text from this Can you read this text? into this ¿ʇxǝʇ sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ

Protect PHP files with Free PHP Encoder

Free PHP Encoder should become useful. Because for me as a WordPress theme coder don’t like users to remove my link from the footer. I really hate them (not really but don’t like) when they remove my link and make like the theme was made by them. So, to protect the PHP file from being […]

How to make Invisible Ink Printer?

If you want to make your document more safe, you can use this trick to print out your documents using invisible ink from your inkjet printer. But first, things that you need are: Empty inkjet printer catridge 4 invisible ink pens UV light Ok, I already have the things needed. So what’s next? Watch this […]

Let’s celebrate Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day

Malaysia will celebrate it’s 50th Independence Day on this upcoming 31st August 2007. To show some respects and proud to be a Malaysian, I have make a custom logo for CypherHackz.Net. I came out with this idea after I saw some interesting logos at Google doodles page. They have make many custom logo’s for important […]

My first earning from FeedBurner Network

After joining FeedBurner Network months ago, I have make some money from the Ad Revenue Share. At first, my website was only has low feed subscribers. But after I did some advertising at some popular websites (some of you may noticed it :p ) the feed subscriber number has increased. And today, I got a […]