Hong Kiat owned!

Just found out that one of my internet friend’s website who is a problogger got hacked today. Hong Kiat’s website was hacked by someone (no names were found on that website though). Here is the text left by the hacker.

You think ur problogger ? Think again …
You think ur too good for blog ad networks ? Think again …
You think ur blog readers love your content ? Think again …

You’re n00b! W3R3 1337s!

H4X0R3d! 0WN3D! PWND!

Here is the screenshot of the hacked page

Till now, I did not get any news from him. I have tried contact him via email and yahoo messenger but got no reply. I am not sure how that hacker can defaced his website. Maybe because of WordPress scripts or plugins that are vulnerable. I hope he will fix the problem as soon as possible because I want to read his post about VMI card.


  1. I saw that this morning. I’m wondering what’s the purpose of doing so. That’s very bad.

  2. I’m surprised when I open Hong-kiat’ site this morning..Damn hackers..
    One of my favorite site has been hacked.:-w

  3. pity hongkiat.well when people are jelousy they will do what ever they want. 8-|

  4. What blogging software was he using at the time of the hack?

  5. :d
    Just wanna tell you all, hong-kiat’s site is back…looks like he able to restore his blog back to it usually was..

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    maybe hongkiat knows… 🙂

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    me too. got that page when i want to read his vmi card post.

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    is there anyway for us to catch who did that? damn!

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    it is wordpress but not sure which version. 🙂

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    yup. he emailed me before. he3.

  7. pity. what on earth are they thinking. script kiddies maybe.

  8. maybe coz he don’t upgrade the WordPress… 🙁

  9. [Comment ID #56403 Will Be Quoted Here]

    maybe. btw i found an exploit for wordpress 2.2. but it only can works if the attacker has an account in the blog.

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    yup. he did not upgrade his wordpress engine.

  10. what do you mean by an account in the blog?..not familiar with wordpress..yeah i know you must be asking where was i…just came back from the moon…

  11. there is not many blogs which open their website for new registration. that is why we can say that the exploit is useless because it only works if the attacker has an account in that blog.

  12. Aiyo… that’s terrible. Glad he can restore the blog. HK makes a lot of money from his blog eh? :d

  13. ha3. i think so. that is why he quit his job. 😀

  14. you think your so pro? you use AVG nub.