XPUbuntu – WindowsXP in Ubuntu Style

I really want to use Ubuntu (more about Ubuntu). Although I already have the Ubuntu installation disc which I got it for free, but I can’t install it yet because my computer does not has enough spaces and I need to repartition my hard disc. Which means, I need to format my hard disc and create a new partition to install Ubuntu.

But, I don’t want to format my PC. So I have decided to buy a new hard disc in next semester and maybe I will add more RAM to this PC. While waiting for the upcoming new semester start, I have changed my PC visual style to Ubuntu alike.

I only changed the visual style and the cursor and named this style as XPUbuntu (the original name is Human). You can download the visual style pack here, Human for Windows.

There are five colour schemes you can choose and each theme has two styles, normal and compact. I choose Orange because the default Ubuntu colour scheme is orange right? I’m not sure though. :d

For your information, the icon set that I use for this PC is Vista icon. You can read more about the Vista icon here, Change your XP icons to Vista.

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  1. Hey good job dude. Just installed it. Thanks 🙂

  2. well, its not exactly like ubuntu right? it imitates the looks n color, but not the whole GUI. I wanna try ubuntu, but since i have to compile a new kernel to make it works for my hardware, i choose fedora 6 instead. Fedora 7, strangely having the same hardware problem due to e1000 module. News has it that updating the F7 kernel will do the trick.


  3. Dah install dah…Lawa gak dier nyer theme nie..Terase macam pakai Ubuntu yang real..huhuuhu:d/

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    no problem. you are welcome. 🙂

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    yup. it is only ubuntu skin and cursors. 😀

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    hu3. bila nak install ubuntu nyer?

  5. Huhuhu…ak dah install ubuntu yang baru, baru jer smpai kt umah CD seminggu lepas…tapi pakai kejap jer x cukup space nk buat dual boot nie..skang nk cuba SLAX plak..version yang dulu dah test, nk test yg baru plak..:d

  6. u dont have to reformat your hard disk to install ubuntu, instead u can use partition magic to do the trick. why run xp and imitate ubuntu when u can have full power of ubuntu in your hand?

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    aku pernah try slax. tapi sekejap je la. hu3.

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    he3. that is because, i love to play pc games. :p

  8. I think Mac style is better than Ubuntu :)>-
    Click here to see my Mac XP

  9. only me says:

    hey you
    the screenshot is amazing so I’ve to download and try it immediately.

    But I’ve a question… why don’t you use Partition Magic for partitioning your harddisk? With this programm you don’t have to format anything…


    PS.: maybe my english isn’t perfect 😉

  10. Or you can just used the partition tool that is on the Ubuntu live disk before installing..that’s what I did 🙂
    It’s called Gpartition I think…