Can Safari beats Opera?

I was happy when I heard there is a web browser that can beat Opera browsing speed. Safari was built for Mac OS X but now, the Apple tech guys have make it to available for Windows platforms.


Based from the graphs, Safari takes less time to load websites, javascripts and launch the application. The graphs really show that Safari is the best and the faster ever web browser in the World.

download_icon20070611.gifAfter I downloaded and ran it on my Windows XP SP2, and I think it still can’t beat Opera. For me, Opera is still the best browser and faster than Safari, Firefox and even IE.

When I was watching the demo video, I really impressed with the loading time and how fast it render all the files and images. Not sure what connection speed they were using for the demo, maybe 1Tbps. But from my opinion and experience using Safari on a 100Mbps connection, it still can’t beat Opera.

And because Safari is still in Beta stage, many Windows users facing many problems with Safari. Hopefully they will release the final version as soon as possible. Anyway, good luck Safari. 😉


  1. It has nice “eyecandy” stuff. I played with it for a few hours, but can’t say it’s any faster than IE or FF.

    Furthermore, a whole slew of exploits came out for Safari within hours of its release.

    Now, I know this is a beta, but Apple should’ve done better on the security front.

  2. Many people on a Mac are having problems with Safari, not just Windows users. In fact, a lot of Mac users know that Safari is a piece of crap to begin with.

  3. Lah… Apple always claim to be the best in the world la… I don’t think final release will do any good too…

  4. Cypher I am also Opera fan like you. :d For my experience opera is the fastest browser till now i have seen.

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    yup. there are some vulnerabilities found after one hour the beta version released to the public.

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    ho3. so what they do? move to firefox? :d

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    i really disappointed with safari right now.

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    ha3. i totally agree with you. 😉

  6. Naahh, dont think so.. An excellent article on the alpha release can be read at arstechnica.

    Current bugs
    1. TinyMCE probs
    2. Serious security hole (which related to the use of iframe)
    3. Unnecessary calls (which was originally use in Mac, later ported to windows)
    4. -not bugs, but simply i dont like the alien interface (the case when im using it under Window).


  7. i read the news. the security found just after one hour apple release the safari to public. :d

  8. too..I already installed safari on my system..problem? Of cource, a keyboard shortcuts..:-?

  9. Hi, I’m new around here.

    I’ve tried all the main browser including safari. Personally I think Firefox is the better browser and ocasionally, I used Opera to download ( a bit faster than firefox).

  10. Dont know about Opera but Safari seems fatser than IE and FF .

  11. agree with madhur …..safari is faster than ie and ff but i still prefer opera….neways….im a new guy here….visit me at…..drop a comment if u want to…good day!!

  12. agree with madhur …..safari is faster than ie and ff but i still prefer opera….neways….im a new guy here….visit me at…..drop a comment if u want to…good day!!:)>-

  13. agree with madhur …..safari is faster than ff and ie but opera still has my vote….neways….im a new guy here….visit me at…..drop a comment if u want to…good day!!:)>-

  14. In terms of Javascript speed, Safari does, in fact, beat Opera:

    Data to prove it.

  15. i try to convince my self that safari is faster than opera, but i can’t. i have try safari many times, but it still can’t defeat opera. opera is the best. :d

  16. Apple seems to be rejuvenated itself in the past few months. Its in the news everywhere. Safari rocks too.

  17. really??? when i first download this beta version, and look a try on my Windows XP SP 2 comp, it run very well

    it is like what apple said that this is the fastest browser ever, i swear, i have try it my self and i think this is the fastest than other

    i also have ie, ff, and op. i think, ie is the lowest, with opera after it, and then firefox, and then safari.

    em… it is my opinion!