Help!!! My sitemaps have error

Actually it happens since 29th May 2007. All of my sitemaps have errors.


I don’t know how this thing can happen. Here is the error which I got from Google Webmaster Tools.


Anyone knows how to fix this problem? I’m not sure why my robots.txt is unreachable. I didn’t block the file in .htaccess.

Btw here is my sitemap for this site. I use a WordPress plugin to generate it for me. Maybe the way the plugin coded the sitemap make the error. Not sure though. 🙁

Edit #1: I think I know why I got the error text. In my robots.txt file, I accidently blocks any files with extension .txt from being access by Google Bot. That is why Google says my robots.txt is unreachable.

I have removed the disallow .txt from my robots.txt. Hopefully, the red error text will be gone forever. 😉

Edit #2: Still the same. Google bot can’t reach my robots.txt file and give the same error. Now I’m trying using the second method. Ask my hosting provider.


  1. Your sitemap is working fine, Cypher. I am loking at it right now and there’s so error.

  2. No error, i meant…

  3. i think i had make a mistake in my robots.txt file. i was accidently disallow .txt. but i have removed it and let see whats happen next. :d

  4. dont know u hav other sites.. gotta have a look at ’em.


  5. okey jer…maybe dah setel kot.. 😉

  6. [Comment ID #48272 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol… come and visit all of my sites. 🙂

    [Comment ID #48275 Will Be Quoted Here]

    nope. the problem still occurs (maybe). only bot knows.

  7. nak tanye ni. aku br nk guna plugin sitemap tu. folder mane yg nk kne chmod 666 ek? confuse ah. 🙂

  8. ..cyperhack, this my new url : / previously my id adq890.tq.
    . :)>-:)>-

  9. Dah ok lum masalah ni?

  10. [Comment ID #48293 Will Be Quoted Here]

    chmod folder root kau.

    [Comment ID #48483 Will Be Quoted Here]

    belum ok lagi. tengah duk setelkan lagi nih. 🙁

  11. Erm..

    robot.txt tu xda masalah dah.
    ko buat cam ni kan? kurang2 block la gak cgi bin

    User-agent: *

    Buat camni.
    User-Agent: *
    Disallow: /cgi-bin/

    patutnya robot.txt yang baru ni xda masalah. kecuali yg sebelum ni memang ko block..

    site map tu cuba generate pakai google pny. buang semua yg lama buat baru.

    harap membantu.

  12. sebenarnye robot tu aku dah delete dah. tapi tak tahu kenapa masih ada lagi even aku dah delete.