New Advertiser Campaigns by Nuffnang

Like Hong Kiat, I also very excited to see this new advertiser campaigns by Nuffnang (more about Nuffnang). Starting from this Sunday, Nuffnang will launching Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns.

The payout range for a click is between RM0.50 – RM5.00. And I think, bloggers will love to hear this great news because at least they will get a RM0.50 from Nuffnang. 🙂

Starting from this Sunday just about every blog in the Nuffnang Community will be served a paid ad. We will also be rolling out our first Cost Per Click campaigns where bloggers will be paid anywhere from RM0.50-RM5 per click, depending on the advertiser. Also expect to see a number of Cost Per Action schemes on our network in time to come. As with the rest of the campaigns we run, our advertisers pay only for unique visitors originating from Malaysian IP addresses and clicks but the Cost Per Action scheme will be independent of the country’s unique visitors.

Read more at Nuffnang blog. Erm…btw Nuffnang don’t want to change their blog permalinks structure eh? Why they use the default one? Lol… :d


  1. CPA tu kira camana?
    kalo org beli produk baru dapat duit ke? /:) pening aku main benda ni hahaha.. aku gheti letak je ads .. then tinggal :-w

  2. [Comment ID #47957 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ha ah.. CPA tu bila org beli produk baru kita dpt komisen.. org klik tp tak beli, tak dpt apa :)>-

  3. yup. CPA is Count per Action. meaning that you will only earn the money when peoples buy the product.