Archives for June 2007

Cool Dancing Robot Videos

Do you know how to dance? Want to learn the robo-dance? :p Let’s dance with this cool dancing robots. See how the robots do stun. They can flip and roll too. :d

Retrieve Windows Product Key with Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Do you know how to retrieve back Windows product key (also known as CD key)? I know you can find it from Windows registry but will you do it? Will you dig your Windows registry just to find the product key? Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a nice and small freeware application that will make […]

Hurry up! Review me now!

Yeah, hurry up and make the review now. You will get the chance to put your link on my sitewide header for two months for free. I know you guys love free things. So do I. :d If you want to participate my CypherHackz Review Me contest, you must write a review about my site […]

Upgrade your WordPress to 2.2.1 now!

WordPress developer team always try to catch up and fix bugs and security issues as soon as users report it. Although the updates release frequently, whether you want it or not, you must always do the upgrade to all of your WordPress powered sites. Usually each upgrade has new bug fixes and security patches. So […]

Hong Kiat owned!

Just found out that one of my internet friend’s website who is a problogger got hacked today. Hong Kiat’s website was hacked by someone (no names were found on that website though). Here is the text left by the hacker. You think ur problogger ? Think again … You think ur too good for blog […]

Create a folder without name in Windows XP

This is not a super high-tech geeky trick but it just a short and simple trick on how you can create a folder without name in Windows XP. When each time you create a new folder in Windows XP, Microsoft has made “New Folder” as the default name. Even you enter the spacebar so many […]

XPUbuntu – WindowsXP in Ubuntu Style

I really want to use Ubuntu (more about Ubuntu). Although I already have the Ubuntu installation disc which I got it for free, but I can’t install it yet because my computer does not has enough spaces and I need to repartition my hard disc. Which means, I need to format my hard disc and […]

CypherFS Greeny WordPress Theme Released

New WordPress theme for your WordPress blog! Click the image for demo (with Adsense) CypherFS Greeny is a two columns theme with widget ready and is released under Creative Commons Licenses Attribution-ShareAlike. The best part about this theme is, there is a 200×200 Adsense Spot ready for you to place your Adsense code. Because of […]

Enable cURL in XAMPP

I was trying to setup WHMCS, a complete client management solution at localhost at the office. This thing needs cURL enabled before I can proceed to install the script. Because WHMCS is new to me and because my boss wants me to integrate WHMCS in their new website, so I need to use it and […]

Mystery image on Windows Vista DVD

If you bought Windows Vista Business Edition, try checking the hologram image on the face of the DVD. There is a mystery image that you must see. It was first found by a Spanish blogger who are curious with the hologram. The hidden image in the Windows Vista hologram is a pic of members who […]