Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is a Trojan!

It is not actually that the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is a trojan but the spammed email sent to your email contains a trojan.


The spammed email promising a trailer of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At the World’s End” and the chance of free tickets. But the truth is there is no preview or free tickets but a copy of Troj/Yar-A Trojan horse attached in the email.

If the users run the attached file, the rojan will display fake error message and downloads malicious code from the internet and disabling anti-virus software. Once the computer is compromised, hackers will able to sneak into the computer and steal any informations and data from it.

Sophos antivirus has released new detection for this trojan. More info at their official blog.

Shiver me timbers! It’s a pirate Trojan [via Sophos][tags]trojan, pirates of the caribbean[/tags]


  1. never get this spam in my inbox…hehe.thanks for sharing. 😉

  2. aku pun masih tak dapat lagi menda nie.. 🙂

  3. me either. i guess only those who had registered themselves for online booking will get the spammed mail.

  4. Lol looks like Pharming is taking new faces everywhere. More free download and more free viruses

  5. yea lol. if you want free viruses, you can subscribe from them. :d

  6. Lol.. and this is why I have 2736 unread messages 😀

  7. 2736 unread messages? lol… will you read all of them? :p

  8. pirates of the caribbean is my favorite movie