Nuffnang & Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Today, I’m sure every persons who had attend last night Pirates of the Caribbean 3 screening will blog about it. So do I.

Thanks to Nuffnang (read more about Nuffnang) for the 250 free tickets give away to Nuffnangers. Last night, Nuffnang had sponsored us to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. The movie was started at 9.30 pm but many of us came earlier to collect our tickets at Nuffnang booth. And thanks also to Exabytes for the free Popcorn and soft drinks.

But before the movie start, Timothy Tiah, Nuffnang Executive Director gave a short speech to all of us. Although it was not so clear but thanks for giving us the chance to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 last night.

Overall, I can give 4 out of 5 for Pirates of the Caribbean 3. If you not yet watch the movie, I suggest you to book your ticket and watch it this weekend. Enjoy![tags]nuffnang, pirates of the caribbean[/tags]


  1. best ar korang smalam yerk.. 😀

  2. best!! ehehe..

  3. aah. best. he3. bukan hanya sebab dapat tiket free, tapi dapat makan free sekali.

    cik azurt, hang plan la ngan zemms buat gathering bloggers malaysia. buat macam yang aku cakap kat site aku yang lagi satu tu.

  4. eh never saw u … haha

  5. me either. lol…