CypherHackz.Net was Temporarily Suspended

I was shocked after reading an email by one of my advertiser this morning saying that my website got suspended by my hosting provider. I don’t think I did something that violate the TOS. [tags]suspended, web hosting[/tags]

Here is the suspended page that I saw this morning.


Then I quickly email my hosting provider asking why my site got suspended? Here is the answer.


Thanks for writing in.

Refer to your issue.

Your account has been suspended by our USA Server Admin due to the server was crash down because of :

70% CPU – 100’s hits/sec: GET /wp-content/themes/CypherFS-Kay2/images/sidebar_title.gif H

Thus, they have suspended your accoun to avoid further damage to the server. We have released your account and changed your password to *** .

Hope you can rectify this issue to avoid the same issue occured.

Appreciates your understanding in this matter.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Senior Sales & Support

It was caused by the small sidebar background image that I use on my site. I’m not sure how come that small image can do harm to the server. And here is another email I got after I asked another question regarding the image file.


Thanks for the reply.

The small image is just an indication given by APACHE to shows that your websites has oveloaded the apache.

The highest rate will be recorded which turn to be the image file.

This does not means is it the one who cause the overloaded, this was due to all your websites that have the image displayed on it.

In short, you have received high traffic that have overloaded the Apache.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Senior Sales & Support

I hope it will not happen again. Because, once your website got suspended, you will loss the money and visitors. Ouch! 🙁


  1. someone hot linking to ur side bar image issit 🙂

  2. :(( no… don’t hot linking my files… :((

  3. One of my readers pointed out to me that your site was down, since I had linked to your jpeg trick.

    I was trying to contact you but did not have your email address.


  4. I know about it when i was come across in the morning around 2.00am. anyway thank for your blogdesk download link..honestly i like it very much..user friendly and easy to use.

  5. my blog also got suspended by ******.com last 2 month for about 2 weeks.

    they said that one of the blogs (actually my little brother’s blog-we share it under same hosting-) was “found guilty” for some “un-authorized downloadable” link. and the result is 12 of our sites was got suspended too.

    well, that’s a serious thing for me. I just lost USD300++ just because of that (my online earnings).

    my thought:
    just be careful next time if you want to put a link in your post because maybe the owner just hate to see it. then, they will report it to your hosting provider.

    anyway, happy blogging guys!

  6. thats what i mean. if your site got suspended, you will loss the money… :((

  7. I was also suspended sometime back but that was due to some plugin issues . Strange errors we bloggers have to fave , dont we ?

  8. indeed. btw how come your plugin can make your site got suspended? what plugin did you use?

  9. i guess you guys shud read this..


  10. thanks for the info. will look into it. :d