WordPress 2.2 bug fixed in new Blogdesk

Johannes, the developer of Blogdesk (read my review), has released new Blogdesk version, 2.6 Build 600. In this new release, the problems with Worpress 2.2 had been solved.

WordPress 2.2 has changed the way they conduct the Comments and Pings status. If you use earlier Blogdesk version and your website runs using WordPress 2.2, this upgrade is a must. Or else, you will have problems with the Comments and Pings status where the status will be set to close.

Read more about Blogdesk or click the link below to download.[tags]blogdesk, desktop blogging client, wordpress[/tags]

Download BlogDesk 2.6 Build 600


  1. I am using Blogdesk since you recommended it.

    Its great that they have fixed the locked comments problem with WordPress 2.2. 😡

  2. yea. i love using blogdesk to update my site. he3.