USD3 per link on CypherHackz.Net

New link ads package advertisement on my site. You can put your link on my sitewide website with only USD3. All payments are totally via Paypal.

The link will be placed on the sidebar once tI received the payment. And the link will be there for 3 days long. It is the cheapest package so far. :d

Here is my website details.

Pagerank: 5
Unique visitors (daily): 900+
Pageviews (daily): 1500+
Technorati rank: 15000+
Alexa rank: 84000+

If you like to advertise with this package, just contact me.

Btw if you decide to advertise for a month, I will give you discount. USD25 only per link per month. 😉 [tags]advertisement, text link ads[/tags]


  1. fuyoo bestnye web ko nih famous la. Banyak Advertisers!!….:(( I so envy ur blog lolx…..

    Good luck to Me then…:d/

  2. I thought most Malaysians can’t use their PayPal right now as PayPal force us to add US bank account?

  3. ha’a…dia minta akaun US tuk accept duit tue.. 😕

  4. [Comment ID #46177 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ihiks! mana ada femes sangat. sekdar kecil2an je.

    [Comment ID #46187 Will Be Quoted Here]

    is that true? i thought it was just a temporarily.

  5. [Comment ID #46193 Will Be Quoted Here]

    duh… 🙁

  6. I am interested in a yearly deal. Please email me about this, I would like to have a sitewide link on your blog.

    – MENJ

  7. sure. i will email you. wait ha.

  8. Good luck!! PR5.. Wow, when I can do that like him?