Put more security in Ubuntu

I just got my Ubuntu CDs couple of days ago and currently I’m looking what things should I need to protect my Ubuntu that I will install once I buy a new hard disk for my PC. I want to make it dual boot. ;))

Luckily, IT Security (more about IT Security) had make a post about how you can protect your Ubuntu by installing must have softwares and modifying some Ubuntu configuration settings.

Here are short tips you need to do to modify the default settings.

1. Reconfiguring shared memory

Open your text editor, open the file “/etc/fstab” and add the following line of code:

tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs defaults,ro 0 0

2. Disabling SSH root login

Open your text editor, open the file “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” and add change the following line of code:

PermitRootLogin yes


PermitRootLogin no

3. Limiting access to the “su” program

Open the terminal by clicking “Applications” selecting “Accessories” and choosing “Terminal.” From there enter the commands:

sudo chown root:admin /bin/su sudo
chmod 04750 /bin/su

Read more tips and security softwares for your Ubuntu at IT Security. [tags]it security, ubuntu[/tags]