Ubuntu Feisty Fawn arrived

I make the order on 18 April 2007. After waiting about 4 weeks, I received an oversea mail from Ubuntu today. This Ubuntu CDs comes in white small mail package which contains three CDs and stickers.

20070516 01
Ubuntu CDs comes in this package.

20070516 02
In the package, 3 Ubuntu CDs and stickers.

Have you got your free Ubuntu CDs yet? Btw if you not yet order your free Ubuntu CDs, you can make your order at Ubuntu ShipIt.[tags]ubuntu, sticker, free[/tags]


  1. i was quite surprised that I recieved them about 2 weeks ago which was very early considering i live in Malta (Which is in just below Italy)

  2. wow…thats so fast. maybe because of the distance. btw i live in malaysia.

  3. hang order lambat kot cypher, cam yang BALILU cakap tue, aku pun dah dapat sebelum nie.. :d


  4. i got this package in abt 2 week in delhi (india)

  5. I have to planning using Ubuntu OS for my next laptop..btw if i just download the ubuntu from the internet it is so fast.isn’t..?

  6. I received last week but without sticker

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    erks! aku pun tak tahu nape lambat. 🙁

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    hurm…i guess maybe the postman did not do his work. maybe he kept my cds for awhile before he send it to me.

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    i will buy a second hd to install ubuntu and other linux distro. he3.

  8. aku pon dpt lepas 2 minggu

  9. Received last week 🙂
    1337 jugak nick ko ni 😉

  10. [Comment ID #46006 Will Be Quoted Here]

    without sticker? how it can be like that? 😮

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    ihiks! takleh jadi nih.

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    he3. takde leet mana pun. kui3. 😉

  11. bape harge cd setup ubuntu tu?ke free?camne nak order?n camne nak bayar?

  12. klai pertama dulu aku order 1 bulan baru dapat. Tapi order kali kedua 2 minggu lebih je dah dpt.

    ni x sabar nak tunggu ubuntu 8.04 nk order 10 keping 🙂