My First Nuffnang Cheque

I just received my first Nuffnang (read more) cheque today. For three weeks campaign, I have earned RM147.60 (approximately $USD43.42).

20070517 01

This weekend I will deposit two cheques. This one and the other is a cheque from Text Link Ads.

Btw I also won two free tickets from Nuffnang to watch Pirates of the Carribean movie on this 24 May 2007. I will go with my brother. Btw there are some other bloggers who had won the free tickets too. Azurt is one of them. Anyone else got the free tickets? Maybe we can meet at the booth before the movie start. :)[tags]pirate of the carribean, nuffnang, cheque[/tags]


  1. huhu… bestnye… i wanna go to :d/

  2. he3. jangan jelesh ha…

  3. I will get it soon too. Not sure pensonic give me how much!:-?

  4. wah..not bad …I got no ads yet from nuffnang…:((

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    congrats! :d

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    lol… you will get them soon. just wait and the advertisers will come and buy ads from you.

  6. nuffnang tak berapa baik ngan aku… huhu
    sayang lagi advertlets 🙂

  7. best, i’m going to the pirates preview too!

  8. [Comment ID #46060 Will Be Quoted Here]

    adverlets tak berapa baik dengan aku. aku sayang nuffnang lagik. ahaks!

    [Comment ID #46067 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you going too? cool… 🙂

  9. bestnyer.. i will get ads from nuffnang soon:d/

  10. he3. good luck!

  11. Wah,hope i olso can earn like u for nuffnang

  12. Im’ wondering… why my nuffnang ads very slow.. i only can earn 53 ringgit for in two month.. :-?:-?:-?