Optimize your website with free SEO training

It is cool when your website showed up in the first page in SERP when peoples search for some keywords that related to your site. But to get that, you need to optimize your website to make your site is search engine friendly which means you need to SEOing your site.

Some peoples will choose to get SEO expert to optimize their site but for smart people, they will learn how to optimize their website by their own. Of course it will cost you money to learn, to buy books, attend seminars, etc but at Geomodules, you can learn SEO for free.

This SEO training consist of 10 steps. Each step will teach you how to optimize your website from put your keywords in the title, the right way using H1 tag and some videos that worth to watch.

You can start your SEO training here. And don’t forget me if your site get listed in the first search engine result page. Good luck! 🙂 [tags]seo, seo training, geomodules[/tags]


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