Why is the rum gone?

This post is not because I want to get the free tickets (although I already got them. he3.) for Pirate of Caribbean 3 (PoC3) screening but I make this post just to say how I appreciate and say my thankful to Nuffnang.

Thanks to Samantha Wong (a Nuffnang staff) for calling me on that day asking me if I want to go to watch PoC3 movie for FREE!!! I was shocked on that time because Nuffnang suddenly called me and asked me in English. Lol… But although my English is not fluence but of course I said yes and I will go with my brother on 24th May 2007 at 9.30pm to watch PoC3 at Cineleisure.

Cineleisure is not far from my house. I live in Kota Damansara. So it will takes about 5 to 6 minutes to go there. So anyone got free tickets to watch the movie? Maybe we can meet there and talk about our business website? [tags]pirate of caribbean, nuffnang[/tags]


  1. wahh.. bestnyee.. can i have one? if i post today, still i can get the tickets?

  2. not sure about that. but there are about 250 free tickets to give away.

  3. Last two days, my fren pun nuffnang call utk bagi tickets… kalau i post sekarang, maybe i can get one kan?

  4. maybe. post la skang then email pada dorang. pirates [at] nuffnang [dot] com nanti kalau dapat leh jumpe kat sana. :d