I just sold one Post Level Text Link Ads

I got an email from Text Link Ads regarding their Post Level Text Link Ads campaign. And know what? I just sold one link ad in one of my posts.

You can see the link here. It is located below the content. Directly below the content marked with Related Link.

Besides AdSense, Text Link Ads is another site monetizing programme that I run on my website. I have earned a lot of money from Text Link Ads. You can see I have sold four link ads on my sidebar. I put the links under Sponsored Links category.

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Edit: I just sold another two Post Level links. See the link here, Anime: The Law of Ueki and here, Make your Own WordPress Theme.


  1. Too bad. My site still does not have enough page hit to do so. 🙁

  2. Actually i still blur about text link add service..i wish one day i make some money from Text link add..

  3. Congrats man . This service is good .

  4. yg kat related link tue ker? COngrats bro.. :d

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    i guess you need to get your posts have high pr. so you can start selling your posts to tla. good luck. 🙂

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    have you sign up yet? use my affiliate link if you want to sign up. 🙂

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    yea dude. i have make some money from this service.

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    hu3. macih… :d