Don’t ever and never trust PayPalr

Today when I check my spam box in Gmail, I got an email from Paypal. But, why it got trapped in my spam box? Hurm…it makes me curious to check what goes wrong.

When I opened the email, I smiled. He3. It was a fake email. It is not from Paypal but from a stupid person who want our Paypal account. See the image below.


It is true that the email logo is Paypal. But when I read the email carefully, it is pronounced PayPalr not Paypal. And when I mouse-over the login url, Opera displayed a hidden link which is it is not a Paypal login url.

Then I clicked the link and here is what I got.


First, the url in the address bar is really differ from the exact Paypal login url (see image below). Second, after you enter your email and password and if you click the login button, your Paypal account will gone with your money. Ho3. You like it? Of course you don’t.

The real Paypal login page is this.


So guys, better watch out on every email you got. Although there are not many peoples will open spammed emails but there still exist peoples who will open the email and give his login information. Duh… [tags]paypal, scam, fake email[/tags]


  1. And I wonder why they use PayPalr instead of just PayPal. Aren’t using PayPal more convincing? Please don’t tell me it’s copyrighted since it’s still a fraud no matter what.

    This tells Gmail is brilliant

  2. ha3. i think because of the copyright. lol… but yes, gmail is clever in separating spam mails.

  3. This tells Gmail is brilliant

    And to use Opera browser or any other than IE :d

  4. Their many different between the real email from paypal or not. So be alert.. Or money will fly away..

  5. i use opera as my default browser. maybe you guys should try it too. :d

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    always check who really sent the email or you might be one of the statistics.

  6. That PaypalR email is sent by me lar :d

  7. huh? do you have any prove?

  8. He’s just messing with you, he just wants to feel special.

  9. [Comment ID #43953 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes you right..

    I use special email for paypal and only paypal know that email.
    I’m not use that email for other thing.. I bet you use your email for many thing.. That why you get that PaypalR email. 🙂

    Change your paypal email.


  10. ah…i don’t like to have many emails. make me busy if i have them.