How to create your Paypal Donation button

Because my Paypal account has been verified, so I’m looking on how to create a Paypal donation button. Ha3. After created my own Donation button, here, I want to share with you how you can make one to put on your website. But first, I assume you already have your own Paypal account. Otherwise, you can register for free at their register page . Ok, lets move on.

  1. Login to your Paypal account
  2. Go to Merchant Tools and click on Website Payments Standard
  3. Next step, click on Feature List under Website Payments Standard category
  4. Under Payment Processing Options, click on Set it Up to setup your Donations button
  5. You can leave everything (Optional) to blank
  6. Choose your Donation button.
  7. Click on Create Button Now and paste the code given into your site template.
  8. Done!

So…you have learnt something from here right? Why don’t you donate $1USD for me. Lol… I’m just kidding. But I still want to put the $1USD donate button below this post. Click on it if you want to donate to me. :d [tags]paypal, donation button, donation[/tags]


  1. i have my paypal account..but cannot use until now because paypal ask me to verified my paypal account..someone try to access my paypal account, luckily paypal team have to detect these happen with my account.. 🙂

  2. you can verify your account by using Public Bank debit card. you can apply online from thier website.

  3. aku nak verify minggu depan guna ambank nexg :d

  4. cool… then kau leh donate kat aku. ahaks!