RM1.60 more for Nuffnang first cheque

Argh…RM1.60 more to get my first cheque!


Last week, I posted about how easily you can earn money from Nuffnang. Although it is difficult but I thought I can reach RM100 to get my first Nuffnang cheque. Lol… But today when I check my earnings for last week performance, I only got RM49.20. Not bad huh?

Btw I have couple suggestions to Nuffnang. I think it is better if they can make an affiliate programme. So bloggers can earn more money if they deliver more new quality bloggers to Nuffnang. And the second one is, I hope their script is small so it will reduce my site (and others bloggers) load time. Anyway, good luck to Nuffnang and me. :p[tags]make money online, nuffnang[/tags]


  1. great job man!..i’m proud of you..keep it up..wish me too

  2. thanks man and good luck to you too. just focus on your content and traffics will come. 🙂

  3. thank for you advice.. 🙂

  4. no problem. :d

  5. I guess it’s not about traffic, as it’s still useless when no ads is served. Placed nuffnang on my blog and still no luck now.

  6. as i know, nuffnang divides blogs according to their band. more higher traffics will be in higher band. and maybe only higher band will get ads served. not sure about that.

  7. That’s cool. While for me, I still have a few weeks until I reach 15 only can sign up for Nuffnang. =D

  8. sabar aje lah….saya join 2 3 minggu las..baru apat RM1.00…mintak seringit…mau seringi…tapi bro you’re great la…terus dapat 49.20….mmm…..kena tingkatkan lagi usaha ni…