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Firefox released

It is time to upgrade your Firefox browser (more about Firefox) because new version Firefox has been released to the public since 30th May 2007. In this latest version more security issues have been fixed. MFSA 2007-17 – XUL Popup Spoofing MFSA 2007-16 – XSS using addEventListener MFSA 2007-14 – Path Abuse in Cookies […]

Favicon – Show of your identity

Did you know what is favicon? Favicon or ‘Favourites Icon‘ is a small image which displayed beside the URL in the address bar. And if you use a tabbed browser like Opera, Firefox, IE7, the favicon also being displayed on the tab. This icon is use as a trademark or a brand of your website. […]

Comment Quicktags Reloaded is an alternative

Comment Quicktags plugin causing problem in WordPress 2.2 where it breaks your website layout. But thanks to Ibrahim Ali Faour for his effort to fix the errors in the plugin. Comment Quicktags Reloaded is an alternative for the original Comment Quicktags plugin. This plugin will display quicktags above the comment textarea. These tags are really […]

How to Subscribe RSS Feed?

Some of you may already know what is RSS feed and know how to subscribe them. But I’m sure some of you don’t know what exactly RSS feed and how you can use them as a loyal reader or visitor. But I will not discuss what is RSS here because you can learn it by […]

Reopen last closed tab in Firefox

Sometimes we accidentally close a tab in Firefox we didn’t mean to close. Instead of looking the website we want in the History, you can do this trick to reopen the last closed tab. If you accidentally close a tab, you just need to press “Ctrl + Shift + T“. And the last closed tab […]

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is a Trojan!

It is not actually that the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is a trojan but the spammed email sent to your email contains a trojan. The spammed email promising a trailer of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At the World’s End” and the chance of free tickets. But the truth is there […]

CypherFS Exclusive for EAVista.Com

I would like to announce that I just finished make a new WordPress theme for my other website (new) at EAVista – Everything About Vista. Actually EAVista was up and running about 6 days ago but I didn’t announce it because I want to finish up the custom design first. The theme name is CypherFS […]

How to repair scratched discs?

You no need to buy expensive liquid or foam to repair scratched discs. All you need is just toothpaste. Yes, I said toothpaste. With the toothpaste, you can fix the scratches on the discs and get the shiny back. Here how you can do it by yourself to repair the scratched discs. Put toothpaste on […]

Nuffnang & Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Today, I’m sure every persons who had attend last night Pirates of the Caribbean 3 screening will blog about it. So do I. Thanks to Nuffnang (read more about Nuffnang) for the 250 free tickets give away to Nuffnangers. Last night, Nuffnang had sponsored us to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Cineleisure, Mutiara […]

Technorati Monster found but with new face?

Yesterday, Technorati Monster was escaped from the cage and took Technorati website down for awhile. Today, it seems like they have found back the monster who is also the backbone for Technorati website and put it back to the cage. I think, the monster get out from the cage because he want to wash and […]