Top 10 Most Famous Hackers

I got an email from IT Security last week but forgot to write a review here. If you are wondering who are the top and the most elite hacker on the Earth, I suggest you read out article from IT Security, Top 10 Most Famous Hackers of All Time.

Some of you may not know that there are two types of hacker. The good ones or we call them as White Hat Hackers are the person who works in IT fields. They are the peoples who incharge and maintain our systems, internet and everything that relates to computers.

On the other side, the bad one, we call them as Crackers or Black Hat Hackers. They are not only do bad things but they also make peoples live in troubles. In the list, #1 Black Hat Hacker is Jonathan James. You can read the details from the article.

But, no matter what hat colour they wear, they are still people like us. Besides, in real life, I don’t think they will wear hat when they hacking, right? Lol… [tags]it security, hackers[/tags]


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