Received PB debit card, Paypal verified!

After waiting so long, at last, I got my own Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. Ha3. I took it from Public Bank Skudai branch last Friday.

Sorry… The pic is not so clear.

And I also had verified my paypal account. So if you want to donate some money to me, wait no more, just send it to my paypal email account. Lol…

I’m not sure what other things can I do with this card. I applied it just to verify my paypal account only. After my account got verified, what’s next? Owh…maybe I can start buying stuffs online. Have any ideas? Ha3. :d

But wait, I have something that I want to share to my fellow Malaysian readers and those who know how to read in Malay. There is an ebook from Wizurai on how you can verify your Paypal account by using Public Bank debit card and NexG MasterCard Ambank. This ebook is written in Malay and I’m sure it will make you more easier to understand it. I also learn to verify my paypal account from it.

Btw because my paypal has been verified, those who want buy link ads on my site, you can contact me and pay them by using Paypal. See my Advertise page for more info.[tags]public bank, visa electron, debit card, advertise[/tags]


  1. welcome to the online store, at which you can buy almost everything, if you have money.

    btw, to andrew raj, instead of ask for peoples’ help, why don’t you spare some of your pocket money to buy the domain.

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    hi! thanks for visit my site. this is just my opinion. if you really serious into blogging, i suggest you buy your own domain. besides, in my paypal, there is only 0.00USD. thats why i wish that someone will donate me some money. lol…

    anyway, good luck to you!

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    ha3. of course we need to have money before we can buy things. :p

  3. the new design of PB debit card looks cool! πŸ™‚

  4. yeah. sure. why liew? you want to apply for a new card? :p

  5. aku guna debit card untuk renew domain selain beli domain baru…
    Paypal tu aku bukan guna sgt pun…
    dr pamplet yg aku dpt, kalo kita belanja antara RM300 hingga RM600, fee dia akan turun ke RM18… so, tips aku (baru nak test), aku bayar bil streamyx RM77 guna debit card ni… so, RM77X12 bulan?

  6. I’ve been shopping a lot using PB Visa Electron offline. So far, I’ve shopped for my cloth buying stuff at the pharmacy, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Parkson Grand. It’s a fantastic tool plus you get points which you can redeem once you have enough of it. Better than buying it cash right?

    Haven’t use PB Visa Electron online that often except for verifying my Paypal account. I think I’m gonna buy a few domain names.. πŸ˜•

  7. tahniah, dah dapat PB Visa Electron…

  8. [Comment ID #43942 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ha3. i agree with you. can earn points by using it. i think i might use it for offline too… :d

    [Comment ID #43944 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ha3. tu pun thanks jugak pada ebook kau. πŸ˜‰

  9. PLease delete my comment.. Including the top one.. PLease… Thank you..

  10. Comment deleted. πŸ™‚

  11. nanti klo dah byk paypal blh la withdraw ke account aku.. nanti aku bayar gune RM hahaha

  12. i agree with you. can earn points by using it. i think i might use it for offline too…


    this way without product … try now…

    still new.. low cost and earn 20 usd for each new user

    try now..

  14. Geez, that’s ubneileavble. Kudos and such.