Send free SMS with Mobik

Are you the person who loves to save your phone credits? Don’t want to waste your credits to peoples you hate? So lazy to go to 7 Eleven to topup? Here comes a new and free way to send Short Message Service (SMS) to your friends and anyone.

mobik1501.gifMobik is an application to send free SMS from your internet browsers or from your handphone to most world destinations. All you have to do is just create your free account and you can start sending free SMS to your friends.

But before you can start sending your SMS, you must make sure that the region you sending is supported by Mobik’s advertising sponsors. This is because Mobik will not deliver your SMS if the region is not supported by their sponsors.

If you are not sure on how to get started, you can read Mobik Quick Start Guide. They have everything well explained in the flash guide.


  1. i knew this application thru zemms post about the cheating husband = extramaritial relationship.. :)>-

  2. pernah terbaca beberapa kali..tapi takut nak cuba…hang dah try blum?

  3. [Comment ID #39622 Will Be Quoted Here]

    cheating husband? wow! 😮

    [Comment ID #39694 Will Be Quoted Here]

    belum. tapi member2 aku ramai yang dah gune. dorang send kat aku gune mobik tapi aku terpaksa nak kene balas gune kredit aku. ceh!

  4. One way to find out if he’s cheating is to indentify strange numbers you’ll probably find on his cell phone or the caller ID. If he’s sleeping with someone else, they are obviously talking.
    A cell phone number search can identify the phone number and let you know who he’s been making the plans with.

  5. lol… it seems like you are not trust him. 😕

  6. hahaha why my friend not mobik user:((

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