ZWOK – Throw the snowballs!

Hey! Do you love playing snowballs? In Malaysia, there is no winter season, so I don’t have my chance to play them. Lol…. But here comes an online game where you can play the snowballs and throw them to get points. The more you play, the more points you will get and the higher your rank will be.

zwok_splash.jpgZWOK is a flash online game where you choose your character and start playing and throwing the snowballs. This game is divided into two teams and you must decide which team you want to join. But before you can play this game, you need to create your account first or, you can start playing the quick game option.

Note: You can be addicted to this game once you start playing. So, better put your watch or clock near to your monitor so you will know how long you have play this game. Lol…

Main Game | ZWOK [via Skolblog]