When someone hotlinking your stuffs


What will you do when someone hotlinking your stuffs such as images or files? More interesting when he or she hotlinking them without asking your permission. So, what will you do?

I found a post from Incoming Links in my Dashboard. When I follow the link, I found out that the post that guy made is exactly the same with mine. Not only just that, he also hotlinking my image and also the smilies. I think he copy it from my page source.

Slow talk first
After I knew what had happened, I tried to slow talk with him first by sending him a comment. Politely I asking him to put a linkback to my entry. If he don’t want to edit the entry, maybe I need to edit the image. Owh…no…

What’s next?
This is not the first time I found peoples hotlinking my images. Usually, peoples who are new to blogging dosen’t know the meaning of hotlinking and copyright stuffs. And I don’t mind if they hotlinking them as long as the leave a linkback to my post. Hurm…right now, I think I will gonna put my signature or my icon on every image in my entries. With that, peoples can’t use the images freely and hogging my bandwidth. Lol…

Btw I want to share with you an article that I found from Mr Google. Maybe you might want to read it, So You Have Decided to Hotlink and Steal Bandwidth. Enjoy… :d


  1. gotcha! Maybe we should do online “wakenabeb”?

    Find the people that stole content or any other wrong doing dan watcha! hehe..

    btwn, he really need to put the credit atleast..

  2. hu3. maybe we can do that on the internet. nice idea. :)>-

  3. Not the first time it’s happened. Nor will it be the last. 🙂

  4. dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i wan this to happen to me also, u know why? so i can change the blardy hotlinked pic to to some hard old men gay pic ….

    fast fast fast – go change it now … and do screenshot … hahahaha

  5. thanks for the tips, edrei and earl-ku. but i can’t do that because i have a button that i let my friends hotlink it in their Links page.

  6. how about putting a script in your website to protect your materials?

  7. script like what? 😕

  8. maybe you can go to hotscript to find recommended script that serve your need. anyway, other method-> put watermark in your image.. I’m sure those lazy leechers couldn’t get away easily with this. :d

  9. Thats a nice tip man .

  10. so, what you will do CypherHackz? i you found the solution, let us know k. :d

  11. use htaccess

  12. Letak watermark dekat imej tu..lawa jugak..kira macam trademark jugak la…pastu letak la logo sekali.. lebih menarik camtu..kalau diorang copy pun, nampak jugak la link web ni :d

  13. ermm…
    dulu, aku ada buat hotlinking image dari satu blog ni untuk standalone server aku…
    tapi 5 minit lepas tu… image tu bertukar dengan image bertulis mesej ” This image has been hotlinking from bla bla” .. camne nak buat camtu ye?

  14. I use gallery on all my photos and gallery protects my all my pics. it automatically places water marks on the main images.

  15. thanks for all the suggestions. btw if you want to replace the hotlinked image, you can do that in your cpanel. there is an option name with “Hotlink Protection”. You can use that.

  16. This is the way its done:



  17. ha3. you can do that if they hotlinking your css. you just tweak it out and that people will get something REALLY interesting. :d