Get free Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

laptopubuntu.jpgUbuntu fans should know this. Feisty Fawn, Ubuntu v7.04 has been released and it was ready to be shipped direct to your house. You can request your free CD at ShipIt and it may takes 10 weeks for the delivery.

If you have high-speed internet connection, why not download it direct from the server? It is better wait for 10 hours of downloading than 10 weeks for the CDs to arrive to your house. Or unless you want to keep those free CDs as your collections. :p

Ubuntu is a free operating software. No license fee needed and you can distribute it to your friends, family, or to anyone. Based on security in mind, this community developed operating system, is the best system for your PCs and laptops.

Try it now and feel the power! :)>-

Cypher: Am I promoting Ubuntu? Lol… :))


  1. I will order it right now .

  2. how many CDs you order?

  3. maksimum bleh order 3 jer… 🙁 kalo tak kena gi special request.. 😀

  4. yup. maksimum boleh tiga jek. unless kau nak buat event atau nak buat apa2 majlis.

  5. Ako dah gune ubuntu… :d/
    cume ako tak leh nak gune YM mcm dlm window tue…
    ko tau mana nak cari install YM untuk ubuntu…??

  6. aku tak install2 lagi ubuntu nih. coz malas nak format pc aku. hu3. tapi kalau kau nak gune ym, cube kau try gaim. setahu aku, die leh connect ke ym nyer server.

  7. i read about Ubuntu.. but, what exactly is that? can somone tell me.. what it is.. nak baca malas skit.. tu la masalah nyer.. bagitahu skit pasal Ubuntu nih… really berminat ar

  8. Ubuntu is another type of OS. It is open source so you can upgrade or enhance it by yourown. It is really light, not a resource hog, and you can use it as live cd if you want.

  9. salam… how to install that ubuntu to PC? their format is ISO, not EXE or something like that. do i need to burn it to CD and boot from that CD?