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Top 10 Most Famous Hackers

I got an email from IT Security last week but forgot to write a review here. If you are wondering who are the top and the most elite hacker on the Earth, I suggest you read out article from IT Security, Top 10 Most Famous Hackers of All Time. Some of you may not know […]

Received PB debit card, Paypal verified!

After waiting so long, at last, I got my own Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. Ha3. I took it from Public Bank Skudai branch last Friday. Sorry… The pic is not so clear. And I also had verified my paypal account. So if you want to donate some money to me, wait no more, […]

Nuffnang – Easy way to earn money

If you noticed, there is an ad displaying under Marketplace on my sidebar. This ad is served by Nuffnang – Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community. I’m so excited to write a review after I checked my earnings today. For the last week, I have make almost RM50. Ha3. This means, it is RM50 more to […]

Customize your WordPress login page

This is really simple and interesting. But you need to know how to use Photoshop or any image editing tools before you can start customize it. What we will doing here is we want to customize our WordPress login page images. By default, your WordPress login page looks like this. To change it into something […]

Send free SMS with Mobik

Are you the person who loves to save your phone credits? Don’t want to waste your credits to peoples you hate? So lazy to go to 7 Eleven to topup? Here comes a new and free way to send Short Message Service (SMS) to your friends and anyone. Mobik is an application to send free […]

How to stop them from hotlinking your files

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you very much for those who gave me comments and suggestions to my last post. Here, I found two ways how you can prevent someone from hotlinking your files and eating up your bandwitdh. 1st Method – CPanel HotLink Protection If you use CPanel, you can […]

ZWOK – Throw the snowballs!

Hey! Do you love playing snowballs? In Malaysia, there is no winter season, so I don’t have my chance to play them. Lol…. But here comes an online game where you can play the snowballs and throw them to get points. The more you play, the more points you will get and the higher your […]

When someone hotlinking your stuffs

What will you do when someone hotlinking your stuffs such as images or files? More interesting when he or she hotlinking them without asking your permission. So, what will you do? Gotcha! I found a post from Incoming Links in my Dashboard. When I follow the link, I found out that the post that guy […]

Keeping your kids safe online with CNET’s guide

There are many things peoples can do with the Internet. As an adult, we can think which one is right and which one is wrong. But for the kids, they think everything is right and they can learn a lot from the Internet. Without supervised by their parents it might cause them into trouble. But […]

Yahoo Messenger proxy problem fixed

The Problem I had problem with my Yahoo Messenger after I started using proxy to get to the Internet. Although I have set the proxy settings in Yahoo Messenger, it still can’t get connected and login to my account. I’m pretty sure that all settings are correct and I even had tried many options in […]