is now known as

Do you still remember my post about Well, I got an email this morning from Adriana Koeneke. She is one of the staff who works in marketing department.

In her email, she told me that is now known as Everything are still the same but just the domain name has changed. She said, this new domain name is more easier for peoples to find them.

The strategy method used by can also be implemented for those who are want to buy a domain name. Choose domain name that has good keywords, easy to remember and something that related to you or your website — like my site. :p [tags]english, online, english10, thinkglish[/tags]


  1. thanks for the info. I think domain name signify their purpose for creating that site better than Well, that’s just my opinion.

  2. I think english180 is a great site!! I love it!!! It’s really fun and you can learn a lot of things!! Thanks to the Thinkglish/English180 people for teaching me english!

  3. i agree with you. the way they teach us is more easier to understand and to catch-up.