Beware with the ATM slot

It is not cool when your Auto-Teller Machine (ATM) card got confiscated by the machine. More worst when you found out your account balance is $9.54 because someone had stolen your money by using your confiscated card.

But how do they do it? You will know the answer when you watch this image slide (view at Scribd).

So, if your ATM card got stuck, make sure you check whether it is really got swollen by the machine or someone else want to do this trick on you. Better watch out. :-s

How thieves hack into an ATM [via HongKiat] [tags]atm, auto teller machine, thief[/tags]


  1. hahahaha… trick gini wat kat pakcik pakcik bleh la.
    ko dapat slide daripada indon mana eh?

  2. aku dapat dari hongkiat. cube check kat link bawah entri tu. :)>-

  3. he he…
    bahaya juga ni beb

  4. don’t you want to try it, ismail? :p

  5. huh..brengset punya manusia…

  6. ade ke tekan serentak dpt keluar blk kad. agak2 la nk tipu wei

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