Rename your WindowsXP Start button text

Did you know, you can rename your WindowsXP Start button text to something else? Some of you may already know that you can do that by edit your Explorer.exe file and change some value in your registry setting. But here comes an easy way to do that.


StartBtn Renamer is a simple utility that you can use to change your WindowsXP Start button text. With this Delphi coded tool, all you have to do is just type in the word that you want to use and click on Rename It! button. It is much much easier than edit it by using Resource Hacker right? [tags]windows, windows xp, xp, tips, how to[/tags]

[via TechBuzz]


  1. NBice tool but is it safe? 😕

  2. nak rename jadi ape eh?
    start > mula?
    hehehe 8-|

  3. [Comment ID #31342 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not sure buddy. i’m not test it yet.

    [Comment ID #31572 Will Be Quoted Here]

    start > trats :d/

  4. aku ubah jadi amanz 😀 tapi dah tuko balik sebab guna vista transformation :d

  5. setakat ni apa pendapat kau tentang vista? best tak?

  6. I have tested this behavior on XP. Tool works fine but when the system is restarted or unlocked from locked mode, the start button gets changed to default.

  7. have you tried the geek method? 😀

  8. yeah, but resourse hacker can do mso much more that the start button. explorer.exe has so little inside it. resourse hack shell32.dll and luna.msstyles

    my taskbar is pink and every button in my start menu (apart from shortcuts) has a different name.
    also my taskbar properties have diff labels.

    so fun resourse hacking windows.

  9. I faced no problesm with this ,easily renamed start name

  10. very nice tool brother..! when i first time attempt to change my ‘start’ text i use those freaking dangerous software my friend suggested to me..
    but you have the easiest one…

  11. setakat ni apa pendapat kau tentang vista? best tak?

  12. aldrin_chackz says:

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