Dive and Swim into Intrusion Detection

Ready with your oxygen tank? Because we are going to Intrusion Detection pool, to dive, to swim, to know what is Intrusion Detection really is.

Based from Wikipedia, Intrusion Detection system is a system that will detects threats to computer system mainly come through the Internet. In early when the Internet is not well-known by peoples, this Intrusion Detection is not take serious by security expert. But when the Internet became popular, the implementation of this system is really important.

To know more about Intrusion Detection, there are many sources available on the Net but many of them are old and not cover nowadays threats. But one of IT Security staff had email me that they had published an article, Dive Into Intrusion Detection that cover every things about Intrusin Detection. Their article is easy to understand. [tags]intrusion detection, id, system[/tags]


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